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The Big Little Secret of Travelling & Holidaying Regularly

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Previously, I secretly envied people who travelled to explore nature, culture, and various ethnic cuisines across the world. But not in a bad way, though. Don't get me wrong. Rather, I would say it’s admiration, not feelings of unfounded hate. Whenever I see stunning images of people sharing their holiday memories on Instagram or Facebook, my inner voice would often say, “you guys must be having loads of cash to enjoy such experiences”, as I scroll through the carefully curated slide shows.

However, as I grew older and began travelling, my perspective on holidaying completely changed. I soon uncovered the big secret that has been long kept away from me, or so I thought. Perhaps, the most startling discovery was that you don’t really need to have a lot of money. The secret is simple, really: start planning for your holiday way in advance. Surprised? Yep! That’s pretty much it, in sum. I could probably end my article here, but that would be unfair to you. I guess you need more details on how just anyone can enjoy the little luxuries Sultan Palace Beach Retreat and other places have to offer. Well, here’s my personal experience.

A Beach Experience Fever
I have always dreamt of spending quality time with my family on a beach front holiday home along the pristine, white sandy beaches of Kilifi. In case you didn’t know, Kenya’s beaches feature prominently on the list of the world’s top beach destinations. So, my dream was valid (He-he). Anyway, my husband and I, started off simple. We settled on an ideal date and where we wanted to go. Thereafter, we began compiling a list of must-haves and areas of compromise. As you may already know, life is about giving and receiving. Unless you are a billionaire, you can’t have everything your heart desires. Manifesting can’t help the universe, but a positive mindset is still important (He-he).

Moving on, we knew that we wanted to be on the beach and at a pool. We also wanted a place that offered nanny service, and a chef. The soft side of life. Wouldn’t you want it too? LOL! Once our list was done, I immediately started researching for a suitable holiday home. From this point on, my husband left me to handle all the finer details, though I would consult him on the major issues. You must respect your king (haha).

My search yielded results faster than I had imagined. The best fit for our family holiday was a superb Villa at Sultan Palace Beach Retreat. It offered everything we wanted at a great price. I immediately got in touch with them (awesome people) to enquire about the property. Talking to customer service beforehand allows you to verify the availability of the features and amenities listed. It’s a good practice because sometimes the hotel or holiday home might have withdrawn a particular service but haven’t updated their website. So always do pre-checks to avoid disappointment when you finally arrive to enjoy your holiday.

After a brief negotiation, we settled on a reasonable figure. We were going for a four-night stay or five days, four nights, if you are familiar with the industry lingo. They agreed to an early payment plan where we would be paying instalments until we clear the entire amount before D-Day. This approach eased the pressure on our household budget, since we did not need to put forth a huge outlay that would otherwise destabilize our cash flow. As our friends who work at the accounts always say, “cash is king.” When the day came, we travelled and had such a wonderful time. It turned out to be the best trip that my family and I have ever had since December, last year.

Quick Lessons
I have since learnt two lessons from my travelling experience thus far. One, Kenya has splendid destinations. Some are well known, while the majority remain hidden gems, from the award-winning sandy beaches to the spectacular views of Lake Naivasha. I am now deeply in love with my country, and I can be proudly counted as a true advocate of local tourism.

Two, start planning your holiday early enough. By spreading the cost over a couple of months, you won’t really feel the pressure. And the other little secret is that the exclusive places go fast. Booking early will ensure that your holiday is guaranteed unless something unfortunate happens. A last-minute change of destination is not fun and can be expensive. That I can promise you.

Getting Started
I know you are wondering how to get started for your next holiday without breaking the bank in a single swipe. Well, a lot of travel and tour agencies are offering an instalment payment plan or, if you like, Lipa Pole Pole. Here, we offer you the option of booking any of our exclusive holiday homes with just a 30% down payment and a balance to be cleared during the period leading up to your trip. Sultan Palace is welcoming you this festive season and any other time to enjoy best in class holiday experience at the beach. Whatever your heart desires, be it a beach front villa or an apartment with a pool, Sultan Palace has got you covered. We will walk with you throughout the holiday planning process. What are you waiting for? Your next adventure awaits!