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Please note that Sultan Palace does not operate third-party reservation platforms. Beware of fraudsters. Book through official numbers only 0115 533077/0795 808080

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Beachfront Holiday Resort in Kikambala, Kilifi

A refined version of luxury, Sultan Palace Beach Retreat is a true emblem of the holiday lifestyle on the Kenyan coast. From the artistic design of its signature beachfront holiday homes and private scenic white sandy shores to its elegant clubhouse, this award-winning resort is where unrivalled vacation experience and culture meet with renewed authentic Swahili style.

Sharing a passion for experiences both rare and iconic, Sultan Palace Beach Retreat will definitely elevate your stay into the realms of privileged luxury. The holiday homes, consisting of villas, townhouses and apartments are available for sale, short-term vacation stays and long-term rental, either furnished or unfurnished.

A truly contemporary twist on the royal standard of living for you and your family, with all the pleasures of a luxury resort. Experience an all-around vacation from fun to adventure, shopping to sightseeing, entertaining to eating. The resort is located in Tezo, Kikambala in Kilifi, a 10-minute drive from Vipingo airstrip.

Diamond Residences


Luxurious 4 bedroom Beachfront

First row private four-bedroom villas with unobstructed ocean views and a private pool. The units are all ensuite, a have a DSQ and balconies. The villas measure 400 SQM in plinth size.

The Diamond residences are redefining the royal standard of living. The villas are perfect for a large family looking forward to spending an exciting holiday experience together.



Luxurious 3 bedroom Beachfront

Doubled-storey three-bedroom townhouses with beautiful partial/full ocean view and access to a courtyard pool. The Master bedroom is ensuite. The townhouses measure 230 SQM in plinth size.

The beautiful Ruby Beach Houses are arranged in little groups to create a sense of community, resulting in an architecturally exciting, enjoyable living experience. You will have the option of choosing from two exquisite designs.



Luxurious 1, 2 & 3 bedroom Beachfront

1, 2 and 3-bedroom apartments with stunning partial ocean views and access to a water park. Sizes are 80 SQM for a one-bedroom, 130 SQM for a two-bedroom, and 170 SQM for a three-bedroom apartment.

Inspired by authentic Swahili-Arabic architecture, the Emerald Condos have been precisely designed to guarantee comfort, luxury, and serenity. With finishes done by the finest craftsmen, delight in the magic of Sultan Palace Beach Retreat.


Discover the Magic at Sultan Palace Beach Retreat, Kikambala.


A World of Pampering, Enjoyment & Relaxation

Crowning a secluded beachfront overlooking the Indian Ocean, Sultan Palace Beach Retreat is a resort for those seeking the exclusive, the exotic, and the elegant in all things. To complement your stay, the resort also features a swimming pool, children's waterpark, and a spacious clubhouse suitable for meetings, conferences or events.



A private pristine beach with sugar soft sand and rolling waves where you’ll get to experience one of the most enchanting views of the Indian Ocean on the East African coast.



Sultan Palace Beach Retreat is all about fun for everyone. You no longer need to dream about it. Come experience it. Enjoy a cold swim in the coastal heat in our amazing cool swimming pool.



The Clubhouse, dubbed the Souk, is the heart and soul of the leisure at Sultan Palace Beach Retreat. It features member´s lounge for parties and conferences, meetings and events.


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