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Why You Should Buy Holiday Home at Sultan Palace


Dreaming of owning a holiday home that offers a sanctuary of relaxation, natural beauty and unforgettable experiences for the rest of your life? Look no further than Sultan Palace Beach Retreat, Kikambala in Kilifi County. Nestled along the pristine coastline, this exquisite destination beckons with charm, luxury and unparalleled amenities. The perfect getaway for those seeking a place to unwind and create memories that will last a lifetime, Sultan Palace Beach Retreat is the ideal choice. From exquisite dining to unique activities, it offers an escape like no other. ...Read More

Malindi, An Exquisite Tropical Gem Beckoning Adventurous Souls

The Big Little Secret of Travelling & Holidaying Regularly

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of the Indian Ocean in Kenya lies a hidden gem that has captivated travellers worldwide. With its pristine white sandy beaches, vibrant marine life, rich cultural heritage, and tapestry of natural wonders, Malindi has emerged as a top tourist attraction that leaves visitors spellbound. This coastal paradise, located approximately 120 kilometres northeast of Mombasa, offers an unforgettable blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. ...Read More

The Big Little Secret of Travelling & Holidaying Regularly

The Big Little Secret of Travelling & Holidaying Regularly

Previously, I secretly envied people who travelled to explore nature, culture, and various ethnic cuisines across the world. But not in a bad way, though. Don't get me wrong. Rather, I would say it’s admiration, not feelings of unfounded hate. Whenever I see stunning images of people sharing their holiday memories on Instagram or Facebook, my inner voice would often say, “you guys must be having loads of cash to enjoy such experiences”, as I scroll through the carefully curated slide shows. ...Read More

Introducing Sultan Palace Restaurant, A Food Palace Curated For Your Taste Buds

Introducing Sultan Palace Restaurant, A Food Palace Curated For Your Taste Buds

Imagine yourself seated by a pristine white beach, your tongue relishing a sizzling hot coconut fish, gently rolling over seasoned potato wedges. The sweltering coastal heat is rubbing off your soft, supple skin. But the cool sea breezes cool you off. And oh! You also have your favourite beer chilling in the icebox to go with the fish. Well, this could be you! Each of us has a deep desire that burns through our mind, body, and soul, constantly pushing us forward. Of all your deepest desires, what could be better than living a life of prestige, leisure, and luxury? ...Read More

Live The Life: Secrets of Enjoying A Self-Catering Getaway


Freedom is one of the greatest things that our hearts crave. The freedom to live in a place that we like. The freedom to eat food that we adore. The freedom to travel to places that we can’t stop fantasizing about. Alright, you get the drift now. It’s all about the power of making truly independent life choices. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to be truly autonomous.

The reasons are varied as the number of people on this planet. Some include spiritual doctrines, financial limitations, or even cultural dogmas. Regardless, there is always ...Read More

Tours & Travel: Why is Kenya’s Coast So Popular?


Every time that a tourism survey is done, results from polled travellers, both local and international, indicate that Mombasa is their most preferred destination. Of course, they mean largely the entire coast region which includes tour hotspots like Diani in Kwale County, Watamu in Kilifi County and Shela in Lamu County among other places. Undoubtedly, there must be something magical about Kenya’s coastal trip!

A sneak peek into the tourism travel patterns indicate that most holidaymakers like ...Read More

Party After Party: 5 Tips For Travelling Safely Post Lockdown


Take a moment and reflect on how your life was a decade ago. Could you have believed if someone had told you that one day, you will be compelled to stay home and that all global travel will virtually come to a stop? The past one year has been wild. After many months of several lockdown cycles and disruption of business and pleasure, the world is slowly but gradually opening to some semblance of normalcy. Even as we feel nostalgic about the past and miss the great moments, it will not be possible to return to the past. We must prepare to navigate a new beginning for things have changed markedly. ...Read More

Coronacation: What is the Future of Travel and Vacation?


If there is one single industry that has been devastated by the COVID-19 pandemic, that would be the hospitality industry. From the azure waters in the Maldives to the pristine white sandy beaches of Sultan Palace Kikambala, scores of people working across the industry’s value chain including holiday home resorts, hotels, tours, and travel, among other sectors have lost their livelihoods. ...Read More

5 Best Tips For Getting Clients for Your Airbnb Holiday Home


When the idea of home-sharing was first mooted, no one would have ever imagined how the hospitality industry world over would be revolutionized. Indeed, Airbnb has significantly changed the holiday experience as we used to know it. Today, holidaymakers can enjoy vacations across the world at a much-reduced rate. Previously, you had to put up in a hotel and in the process incur hefty bills but in the present-day, your old vacation budget can get you so much enjoyment while putting up in an Airbnb. This has created a huge market for homeowners who want to rent out their spaces. ...Read More

Try Before You Buy: Experience The Sultan Palace Beach Retreat Lifestyle


Buying any capital intensive asset is more often than not a momentous decision. You need to be convinced that it is a good purchase and that you won’t regret it in future. Unfortunately, many people rush to buying homes oblivious of the fact that its lifetime decision that can’t be reversed. If you make a bad purchase, you’ll have to live with for the rest of your life.

Therefore home purchase, be it a residential or holiday home, calls for a thoughtful decision-making process. The first step usually involves putting down a list of ...Read More

Furnishing Tips: Sprucing Up Your Holiday Home For Customers


Congratulations! After years and years of hard work, you’ve finally managed to buy by your dream holiday home. To realize and unlock the full value of holiday homeownership, you need to furnish it in the most compelling way that will motivate customers to even extend their stay. But where should you you start?

With so many ideas are being sprayed around, from Pinterest to home décor TV shows, you can easily feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to furnish your holiday home. Indeed, there are lots of styles to consider. ...Read More

Tips For Letting Out Your Holiday Home


Holiday homes market has emerged as the next frontier in real estate investment. This has been mainly driven by changes in spending habits among tourism enthusiasts. Indeed, holidaymakers are actively looking for better accommodation deals that can allow them to have maximum fun while spending the least amount of money. Previously, hotels used to take all the travel accommodation and charge exorbitantly while at it. However, since the rise of house-sharing platforms for short stays like Airbnb, the market has completely changed putting hoteliers at odds with holiday homeowners. ...Read More

Easter Holidays: Safety Travelling Tips For A Road Trip


The outbreak of Coronavirus has dimmed the prospects of people enjoying quarter one holiday that usually falls around Easter. Scientists around the world are currently working around the clock to find a vaccine for the virus that has been termed to be very lethal. Everyone hopes that the health crisis will ultimately fizzle out, perhaps, before Easter so that our lives can return to normalcy and we get to enjoy the much deserved holiday. Even though the dark clouds of the ongoing pandemic hang over our dream Easter holiday, it shouldn’t stop you from making plans. Granted, planning for holidays involves several things and one of the most important items is ...Read More

How to Budget for Holiday Travel

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Many people start thinking about their holiday plans -- and their budget for those plans -- around October or November, just a month or two before they need to start traveling and buying gifts. However, planning and budgeting for a holiday should begin way early so that you can enjoy the holiday. There are number of factors that you need to put into consideration. First off, add the holiday savings as an expenditure line in your budget. Calculate how much you expect to spend on all holiday expenses -- from gifts to travel to meeting friends for dinner and drinks -- and divide that amount by ...Read More

The Aftermath: Kenya’s 2019/2020 Budget and The Real Estate Industry

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Every year, the annual budget speech brings its fair share of anxiety among the general public and more so the business community. This year’s budget was read against the background of a seemingly declining economic performance going by the number of job losses announced by top tier companies in the country. Themed Creating Jobs, Transforming Lives - Harnessing the “Big Four” Plan, the budget sets out an ambitious social-economic development agenda that seeks to move the nation to the next level of development. Big Four agenda is now a common lingo in government development policy activities. However ...Read More

Part III: The Future of Land Investment in Kenya

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Will Rodgers once said, “Buy land, they ain't making any more of it.” This timeless adage in the real estate realm continues to hold true several decades since the words were first uttered. From the face of it, depending on where you are, it may seem that land is in abundance but when you consider the increasing population then it dawns on you that indeed Will Rodgers was right. In our final piece, we examine the future of land investment in Kenya where we spotlight the factors that are likely to shape land investments in Kenya and the opportunities that you should look out for going forward... ...Read More

Embracing Technology in the Modern Real Estate Market

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Technology has forever changed the world we live in. Take a moment and think. The way we travel, bank, shop, and communicate has never been the same since the advent of technology. In hindsight, one realizes that the world and humanity, in general, have made considerable improvements in the quality of life. However, myriad humanity problems still abound and thus constant research to find new ways of doing things as well as solutions must continue. The waves of technology have... ...Read More

Part II: Challenges Facing Land Investment in Kenya

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Land investment has the potential for great returns. In our previous newsletter edition, we looked at factors that influence land prices in Kenya. The prices of land have been going up since it apparently became clear that it is a non-renewable resource and everyone wants to own one. Consequently, the increased demand for highly productive land has brought about its own share of challenges. This month in the part II of a six-part series, we delve into the challenges facing land investment in Kenya and what you should be cognizant about when prospecting for a suitable land deal. ...Read More

Part I: What You Need To Know About Land Investment in Kenya

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With today’s increasing life pressures and responsibilities, the need to find an extra income earning opportunity has never been this vital. In this regard, ventures that generate reasonable but consistent returns are now the most preferred. In Kenya, land investment is proving to be a popular avenue for a majority and this has since made it quite a sensitive asset that needs extra due diligence. In our six-part series, we look at what you need to know about land investment in Kenya. This month in part one, we look at factors that influence land prices in Kenya. ...Read More

Planning For A Memorable Easter Holiday

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The year 2019 is moving fast and seems to be waiting for no one. The first quarter has swiftly passed by and now, the Easter holiday is now upon us. Indeed before we know it, the year will be over! Easter holiday provides the perfect opportunity for planning a vacation especially after a gruelling first quarter where many are still trying to put their plan together with the undying desire of having a prosperous year. This month, we look at how you can plan for a memorable Easter holiday. ...Read More

Redefining Hospitality Experience: The Rise of Service Apartments in Kenya

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The growth of the real estate industry in Kenya has indeed been tremendous for the last 20 years since the concept got traction in Kenya. However, despite the growth, some segments within the industry have experienced immense activity to the point of experiencing a glut. In this respect, investors are now looking into new frontiers within the real estate industry that generate reasonable and sustained income. Service apartments are now the new kid in the investment bloc and are quickly catching up. This month, we look at the rise of serviced apartments and how they are redefining the hospitality experience in Kenya. ...Read More

Overview From The Balcony: Outlook of Kenya’s Residential Real Estate Market

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Kenya´s real estate industry has indeed come of age. The growth has been by and large steady albeit with short relapses in between. However, the year 2018 was a mixed bag with various stakeholders across the spectrum registering different results; positive or negative. With 2018 in hindsight, this edition of the spotlight article sheds light on the outlook of Kenya’s residential real estate market mapping out key issues that players in the industry will need to follow closely. Looking forward to investing in the industry? ...Read More