No More Plastic Bags: What the Ban Means for Real Estate Sector

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Beware! No more manufacturing, importation, and use of plastic bags in Kenya. The country is transitioning to a new era of life without plastic bags. The ban took effect on 28th August 2017, marking the start of a real tactical strategy on the long standing struggle to make our environment clean again. Sultan Palace, previously through this newsletter, has argued its case on the importance of having a clean and safe built environment. Granted. This month, we analyze implications of the ban on the real estate sector. What does it mean for the sector players? ...Read More

The New Kenya Trade Policy: Implications on the Real Estate Sector

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In early July, the government through the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Cooperatives launched a new trade policy that geared towards transforming Kenya into a competitive export-led and efficient economy. This trade policy, in particular, introduces a trade agenda in several sectors such as agriculture, industry, infrastructure, and ICT. This month, we delve into the details of the new national trade policy and analyze the implications on real estate sector. ...Read More

Season of Manifestos: What’s in For the Real Estate Sector?

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The election season is here with us once again. This time round, competition has gone a notch higher as compared to the previous ones going by the number of candidates who have shown interest in various elective positions. The presidential race has attracted eight candidates who are seeking the highest seat on the land to steer Kenya to the next frontier of transformation. This month, we look at the manifestos by various presidential candidates and examine what they have in store for the real estate sector. ...Read More

Madaraka Express: The Triumph of A Century

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All aboard! The Madaraka Express is finally here. Last month saw the pompous and glamorous launch of the much awaited Standard Gauge Railway (SGR). It is the first phase of the project that runs from Mombasa to Nairobi and will be constructed to eventually reach Malaba border in the subsequent phases. This month, we take a look at the prospects of SGR with respect to various sectors of the economy with the special interest in holiday homes segment and tourism. How will it impact the economy more so coastal holiday homes market? ...Read More

Livable Habitats: Role of Infrastructure in Real Estate Sector

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Over the years, the government has pumped over Ksh.1 Billion in infrastructure development projects across the country. The magnitude of sums invested goes to show the pivotal role of infrastructure on overall economy progress. This month, we look at the role of infrastructure development in real estate sector. How will projects such as LAPSSETT and the SGR Railway help unlock future real estate nodes? How are these projects further enabling developers to thrive? ...Read More

The Budget Statement 2017/2018: Implications for Kenya´s Real Estate Industry

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So the country´s 2017/2018 fiscal year national budget was read much earlier (it´s usually in June alongside other East African states) to allow the members of parliament to approve the appropriation bill in time and focus on the elections scheduled for August 8, 2017. Whenever the budget is read, we always look out for the winners and losers in terms of increase or decrease of sectoral allocations and tax adjustments. So, what´s in for the real estate industry in 2017/2018 budget? ...Read More

The Puzzle of Bank´s Interest Cap and Property Uptake

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In this March edition, we revisit the hot potato case: capping of banks´ interest rate, a love-hate affair depending on which side of the aisle you are on. The controversial law, which pitted bankers on one hand and the public on the other was deemed to herald a new dawn in the financial sector. A renewed, spurred economic growth was envisioned in the short to medium term. Six months down the line, little seems to have come out of the law as far as uptake of properties is concerned. So what exactly is happening in the marketplace? ...Read More

Sustainable Built Environment: The Green Real Estate Agenda in Kenya

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The drought and famine currently ravaging various parts of Kenya has given us chance as a nation to reflect on our contributions towards environmental conversation efforts as individuals as well as industries. Some industries might have a bigger role to play than others when it comes to matters climate change e.g. manufacturing in contrast to real estate. However, the underlying fundamental point is that each one of us has a role to play. That´s granted. What, then, is the state of sustainable built environment and the green agenda in the realms of real estate industry in general? ...Read More

The Year Ahead: Unpacking Kenya´s 2017 Real Estate Outlook

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Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2017. We hope you had a splendid and exciting holiday. A new year gives us time to reflect on our past and restrategize on actionable plans for the year ahead. 2017 will indeed be an eventful year with the upcoming general elections on August 8th being the key focus and in upshot, politics will dominate the conversation for the better part of the year. In light of the anticipated heightened political showdown, what´s the outlook of Kenya´s real estate in 2017? ...Read More

Amazing Sights & Sounds of the North Coast

On the spotlight As 2016 comes to a close after 365 days of hardwork, we all deserve some over the top holiday experience. Nothing is more refreshing than a coastal holiday by the sea. Kenyan north coast has a number of exciting tourist attraction sites and activities to make your vacation experience one to remember for many years to come. Wondering about the amazing sights and sounds at the north coast? ...Read More


On the spotlight Donald J.Trump-President Elect,United States of America once said that real estate is the best investment that one can ever make. Recently, the country has witnessed signs of growing investor confidence, as well as the potential returns to be made, with real estate developments increasing in numbers and size outside Nairobi city. Of those taking lead in this latest trend is Kilifi County that has positioned itself as the next investment hub at the coast. So why should you consider making a move to Kilifi? ...Read More

Holiday Homes:Do they Make Good Investments?

On the spotlight At some point in life, we all aspire and look forward to having unforgettable holiday experience in exotic destinations where we could unwind, relax, enjoy the amazing scenery and have a refreshing swim. These experiences hold special memories for most, especially when kids and family are involved, so there is a natural desire to own those experiences and be able to enjoy them over and over. Well, is owning a holiday home a good investment? ...Read More