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Furnishing Tips: Sprucing Up Your Holiday Home For Customers

Furnishing Tips: Sprucing Up Your Holiday Home For Customers

Congratulations! After years and years of hard work, you’ve finally managed to buy by your dream holiday home. To realize and unlock the full value of holiday homeownership, you need to furnish it in the most compelling way that will motivate customers to even extend their stay. But where should you you start? With so many ideas are being sprayed around, from Pinterest to home décor TV shows, you can easily feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to furnish your holiday home. Indeed, there are lots of styles to consider. However, to make things a bit easy for you, we compiled a shortlist of furnishing tips that you can try out in your holiday home.

  1. Keep things simple

    To make your holiday home attractive, you may be tempted to try out grand ideas. Many a times this works but it can also be pretty expensive. However, if not executed properly with professional interior décor designers, things can turn awry. That’s why we advise that you keep your furnishing simple but elegant. From furniture to colour schemes, less is definitely more. Not overdoing it with patterns, colours, accessories and appliances will lend itself to a calmer, less cluttered and easier to clean environment.

  2. Make the most of holiday home location

    Sometimes you don’t need to explore ideas far away. You can get furnishing ideas right from your surroundings. At Sultan Palace Beach Retreat, for instance, the holiday homes design and furnishing were largely inspired by a combination of the Swahili-Arabic culture that is predominant in the coastal region where the resort is situated. As a holiday home investor, remember that guests want to feel in tune with their location and will choose a property based on what interests them and where they feel at home. From city to country to coast, make the most of where you live and let your guests feel even more connected.

  3. Combine quality and durability

    Quality and durability are the winning combinations for any holiday home. Pick furnishings and fittings that will last and your self-catering accommodation will keep from looking tired and worn. This also relates closely to the letting rates that holidaymakers will have to part with when checking in for a vacation. Visitors would like to feel that they are getting their money's worth. Consequently, the furnishing, as well as services, should match the letting rates.

  4. De-personalise

    It’s wonderful to surround yourself with happy memories and your own home is a great place for personal decorations. However, your holiday let is a totally different ball game. Guests want to feel as though your property is all theirs, and there’s nothing like bursting their bubble than leaving personal trinkets lying around. Keep family photos and private items out of your holiday home; that way you’ll prevent anything special from getting damaged and your guests won’t feel like they’re intruding in someone else’s home.

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