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Easter Holidays: Safety Travelling Tips For A Road Trip

Easter Holidays: Safety Travelling Tips For A Road Trip

The outbreak of Coronavirus has dimmed the prospects of people enjoying quarter one holiday that usually falls around Easter. Scientists around the world are currently working around the clock to find a vaccine for the virus that has been termed to be very lethal. Everyone hopes that the health crisis will ultimately fizzle out, perhaps, before Easter so that our lives can return to normalcy and we get to enjoy the much deserved holiday.

Even though the dark clouds of the ongoing pandemic hang over our dream Easter holiday, it shouldn’t stop you from making plans. Granted, planning for holidays involves several things and one of the most important items is safety. This comes about especially if you are travelling to a foreign country or a place that you have no information about. You need to equip yourself with a few safety precautions.

1. Plan Your Route(s)
If you plan to do a road trip, it is important to plan your route well in advance. Road trips can be a pretty exciting experience as they provide an authentic novel adventure. You get to discover places that you hadn't previously visited. To this end, do prior research on the route running through the places you would wish to explore. Are the road well paved, for example? Planning your routes is also a good way to reduce travel time as there’s a decreased need to stop and ask for directions.

2. Complete a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
When going out for a road trip, you should conduct a thorough vehicle inspection to ensure everything is working correctly. You wouldn't want the vehicle to breakdown in the middle of the jungle, for instance, where you can't get any immediate help. This inspection should go beyond the normal service check that usually covers petrol, tires and oil. Go over and above to check items such as engine, headlights, battery, first aid kits, wipers, spare tire, tail-lights, and so forth.

3. Hydrate and Take Frequent Snack Breaks
Road trips are usually extensive; long hours of travel that will leave you driving for several kilometres. You must take brakes during your odyssey. You can do it periodically, say after every two hours or at every town/trading centre. In between the breaks, you could rest for a few minutes and stretch too. This is good to help you regain concentration and alertness. Also, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated with water or energy drinks and chew on something not only to keep you fueled but to keep you awake.

4. Don’t Drink And Drive…(And Text And Drive)
The excitement that comes with road trips can sometimes be overwhelming. New scenery and seeing interesting people or things could tempt you to take pictures using your phone while driving. You could also be having your favourite alcoholic drink while driving. All these may sound cool but they are a real danger to your life, those who could be travelling with you as well as other road users. It is advisable to have a designated driver with another alternate one to take over when the other is exhausted. Putting the driving responsibilities on one driver for long periods can be exhausting for them and potentially harmful as concentration levels spike. Additionally, since you would like to keep the memories, you can have a photographer to document your journey each step of the way.

5. Wear Seatbelts
Most people who survive fatal car crashes do so because of fastening their seatbelts. It is easy to forget especially if you are moving around the car taking pictures and serving drinks. So as a safety precaution, always have your seat belt on.

6. Observe The Speed Limits
Car accidents on our roads are mostly caused by over speeding. When going out for a road trip, you should observe the speed limits set along that particular road that you are driving on. The National Transports Safety Authority (NTSA) officers usually position themselves along the road with speed guns to arrest those flouting the rules. The fines are hefty but the most important consideration is that your life matters more.

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Enjoy your Easter road trip!